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What Makes a Safe a "Media" or "Data" Safe?

Is Your Fireproof Safe a true Media or Data Safe?

We have seen other web sites with "media" or "data" safe categories, but when you click on them you are given standard fireproof safes for sale.

A data safe must be rated 125 degrees

Make sure the safe is rated 125 degrees for 1 or 2 hours. This is the industry standard for a media safe and the only rating that will protect your magnetic media and film.

The following must be in a 125-degree rated safe

DLT, LTO, and other backup tapes; hard drives; magnetic media such as 4mm, 8mm, DAT, or MiniDV tapes; film; CDs and DVDs; iPads and Smartphones. There are some standard fireproof safes that allow you to store USB cards and drives, but be certain to read the description. The safest place is always a media safe rated 125 degrees.

Our Media/Data Safes

Our data safes are all rated at 125 degrees. Please do not be tricked by our competitors selling standard fireproof safes as data safes. You will save money now, but if you have a fire everything will be lost.